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Sound Cart Showcase

Updated: Jul 28

Last Summer I built a sound cart. It's always a unique, fun and challenging thing to design, build and customize. I've been meaning to record a video to showcase the sound cart it for a while now and finally I've gotten to it. Some of the products mentioned in the video are listed below. Gotham Sound in NY helped me out a lot with the cart, especially with making the powering solutions work for everything. Matthew Freed from Blackbird Carts also came in clutch with getting it to me so quickly during busy season. If you have any questions about the cart, need spare parts (I have some leftovers) or need to rent a sound cart in the New York City area, send me an email!

Sound Cart Base

Blackbird Grackle

Road Cases (I used a 6U for bottom case and an 8U for top case)


Pelican Life Battery

Remote Audio Hot Box V2

Furman Power Conditioner


PSC RF 6 Pack

Wisycom LFA

Lectrosonics SNA600

Stereo Microphone/Antenna Bar


BlackMagic SmartView Duo Monitors

LED Lamp




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