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Live streaming is becoming very common these days, but I have always mixed and engineered sound for live streams and live broadcasts throughout my career, ensuring that all sound whether on stage, Q&A in audience or video cue tracks are broadcast quality, and on-air talent have the IFBs and communication solutions they need.

I engineer live musical performances for houses of worship by miking the band, mixing, EQing and engineering the live music to sound the best in house, in the band's in-ears, monitors and for record.

In addition, I work as a Sound Engineer and Audio / Visual Technician for live events for large and smaller corporations. In particular, helping powerpoint presentations go smoothly in front of audiences, configure digital communication across the world for live meetings and ensuring broadcast quality sound and video for live streaming panel discussions and keynote speakers. 

Click the button below or send me a direct email, text or phone call to see how I can help you with your specific project needs!

H.E.R. - "FATE" Live | Apple Music
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Apple Music asked me to mic, mix and record a live to tape performance of H.E.R.'s new song, "FATE" as part of a mini-documentary on which I also mixed location sound.

SOGS Summit 2019
Rachel Ray Food Network Kitchen Live
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