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Sound Devices 888- Timecode compatible 16 iso track recording mixer

Sound Devices 664- Timecode compatible 12 iso track recording mixer

Sound Devices MixPre 3 Mark II- 3 Track timecode compatible recording interface w/built in Noise Reduction

Mobile Audio Bag and Sound Cart (pictured right) available


7 Wireless Lavs SM transmitters with SRc receivers (Lectrosonics)
3 Wireless Camera Hops (Sennheiser G3)
8 IFBs/Wireless Headsets Comtek equivalent (Sennheiser IEM) with over-the-ear or Telex IFB earpieces

Boom Kit / Microphones:

3 Boom Poles
5 Shotgun Mics (Sennheiser MKH 50, 416)

DPA 4061 and mini 6060 lavalieres for Talent

3 Wireless Handheld Mics (Sennheiser e835 w/Lectrosonics Plug-on Transmitter)

2 Zeppelin Blimps, Rycote & Bubblebee Softies


3 Lockit Boxes- 
Denecke JB-1
2 Smart Slates - Denecke TS-2 and Fuze Ti

Sanitation Equipment:

Large UV-C Box to easily and quickly sanitize gear with Ultraviolet rays without liquid

Alcohol Wipes of various sizes

Hand Sanitizer on utility belt

Visor Shield

Expendable Masks

Expendable Gloves

Sanitizing Spray safe for open wounds

Individual cases/packaging for each lav mic, camera link, IFB and slate

If you don't see something you need, I can always sub-rent to get what you need! Let me know!

If all you need is gear, either reach out to me or browse and rent some of my gear on KitSplit. I'm fully insured either way!

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