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Equipment Rental

Trusted Equipment on Extended Schedules

With brick and mortar rental houses closed on weeknights, weekends and holidays, renting professional equipment from individuals like myself who are often "open" any day or time, is not only the only option on a last minute request, but also, a great option any time. I take great care into the maintenance, organization, and sanitization of my top-of-the-line equipment, which I trust. I also have some more "user-friendly" gear including podcast setups not listed as well, so please reach out to me for availabilities, rates and questions about insurance. Take a look at my Gear Page for a list of my gear and feel free to read my blog post about Why Rent From an Owner/Operator for more information on the benefits.

If all you need is gear, either reach out to me or browse and rent some of my gear on ShareGrid or KitSplit. I'm fully insured either way!

NYC Audio Equipment Rental gear list
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