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Camera Audio & Timecode Input Database

Updated: May 7

Oftentimes, us sound mixer and possibly camera nerds are spending time looking up the timecode and audio inputs of cameras. I often go back to the same camera audio and timecode input database to find the answers. For my and your convenience, I am copying and directing you from here to there. Find the audio inputs and timecode inputs of about every camera we might work with at the link below.

Screenshot of Camera Audio and Timecode Input Database from Vandelay Sound Exports

Until the website is updated, here is a missing camera from that database: Red Komodo

RED Komodo

Timecode: EXT 9-pin (proprietary) into Extension (EXT) Port

Audio: (1) 3.5mm Jack


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Brett Ainslie is a NYC based freelance non-union Production Sound Mixer owner/operator.

He has been mixing sound on location for Film & TV since 2010 for narrative feature films, TV commercials, corporate videos, musical and corporate event live streams and broadcasts, digital content, documentaries and network reality shows. Brett has mixed sound for TBS, HBO, Showtime, Bravo, Disney ABC, Discovery, Food Network, Fox, VH1, A&E, ESPN, MTV, National Geographic, Bloomberg, Vice and more.


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