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Updated: Jul 28

We're in a very odd time right now and for the vast majority of us, we are affected emotionally and mentally. Some of my friends have told me they've had trouble sleeping lately, so it made me think.

I always strive to help. My mission statement has been to help people to clearly and effectively communicate their message. It's been a struggle lately to feel like I am doing that, however I have been finding other ways to help. I have posted in the past short recordings of ambiences from various cities and locations around the world. Some of these can be found to be quite pleasing, relaxing, or soothing. I have been aware of the sounds of waves, for example, being played in the background of meditation. I've also recently learned of what's called, "ASMR." ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In short, it's a pleasurable tingly feeling some people feel down the back of the head, neck and back, often triggered by specific gentle stimuli. A 2015 study published in PeerJ looked into ASMR and suggested it can improve mood and pain symptoms using triggers.

There is a lot going on right now, but I hope the below recordings can help you or someone else relax, gain peace, focus, or sleep. The tracks were not recorded with ASMR in mind, so use these tracks as you wish. These are all soundtracks I have recorded over the last several years on location in my personal time, using a stereo setup. Most of which have been composited and looped to be about 1 hour in length. I hope these transport you to a pleasing place to help you recharge and engage in your purpose with more power.

Feel free to share or watch the Playlist on a smart TV via YouTube by searching "ASMR Brett Ainslie" or clicking this link: ASMR BASS Sound


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