Countryman B6 vs Countryman B3 Lav Mic Battle

I've upgraded my lav mics once again and decided to record another comparison test between my new Countryman B6s, the Countryman B3s and those old Sennheiser ME2s.

A few notes I would like to add is that I was using Sennheiser G3s. The field audio had 120kHz roll off filter on each mic, but my voiceover only had 40kHz roll off.

Another note about the wires is that the Sennheiser wire gets twisted very easily as you can see in the image near the beginning of the video. The B3 wire is very sturdy, maleable and doesn't seem to get twisted or tangled easily at all, I like it very much. However, the B6 wire is thinner as I heard it does not have a ground cable in it. The B6 wire is nice for its size but gets tangled easily.

I've been wanting to try out the VT500 made by Voice Technologies. The last time I went into Pro Sound, I tested it out. I'd really need to rent it on a shoot to test it for real but what I noticed is this:
Physically, it's wire was very thin, about the same size as the B6 wire, possibly a tad thicker. The head was a similar shape to the ME2 but about the same size as the B3 if not smaller. It is not at all the one you might see in photos if you google it or in the link, which looks like the Tr-50.
Vocally, it sounded pretty good, but too bassy for my liking; it is probably comparable more to the Tram 50s rather than Countrymans.

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