V8 Shoot

Last week I did sound on a spec commercial shoot for V8 Juice. Doing sound in the summer certainly has its perks but then again is also has its own disadvantages. Equipment overheating, batteries draining quickly and new summer related NOISES!

Of course, when shooting at a pool like we did, we had the obvious pool filter to turn off but that was only the start of things. It seems like everyone in the neighborhood has on their loud AC. Then you turn one off and they have another unit set up in the other room! Bring me to the projects where they can't afford AC and they got a system of hoses and industrial fans that make at least as much noise. You turn everything off and of course you're 5 miles from the airport. "PLANE! ... ... ... Speed! ... PLANE! ... Cut! No Aircraft, let's roll," then camera yells, "CLOUDS!" Hold the roll!" Why hold the roll? Clouds sound nice to me, plus they get rid of the boom shaped shadows the sun makes. I told them we know the cloud is gone once you see my boom shadow, let's roll.

We got some nice moist product shots that made me wish I was the actress drinking the ice cold V8. Then I got my wish. Almost. The 2nd half of the day I was suddenly cast into the commercial and given a bathing suit and a line. Toss a pair of sunglasses on everyone to fix the lighting issue my silver side chest was creating and boom, we got lift off. It was tough to pry my gear off me for a few shots but I think it turned out for the best. Check out the commercial below, and drink up:
Also, below is the teaser trailer for a film I Day-Played on back in April as a ... Grip ... to learn about shadows? Wouldn't be the first time.

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