The Word

Last month I worked on a feature film called 'The Word'. I actually had no idea about this project until towards the end of week 1 of shooting, I was asked to come in and provide Craft Services as I did on Pawn. These guys musta been hungry! So I came on expecting to only know the person from Pawn who hired me, but I actually knew a good group of the cast and crew already including my favorite sound guys from QFS and a few other QU Bobcats.

Some of my blog posts, I talk about technical challenges and how I stay out of frame when booming, but today, it's a different road about keeping people happy when they're tired and stressed. Doing craft services, you learn about people.

Our lead actor quit smoking recently and I caught him munching on about 75% of our chocolate. He told me if it wasn't for the chocolate, he'd be smoking right now. So, I looked up other things someone who just quit smoking might like or might eat or drink to help prevent him from smoking. Found some things like fruit, veggies, and Emergen-C. So I brought some Emergen-C to set, but I guess I'm not the only one who thinks it tastes like chalk.

One night, I had to act as a human sandbag with all other PAs to keep down a 20 by 2 stories up for a few hours, but the highlight of this film for me must have been being bumped up to helping Art Department the final day. I helped shave down breakaway glass and put together a breakaway glass door that an actor had to kick down in a scene. This was a very difficult and tedious job. So many of these candy glass broke right when we touched them and we could only make a few. Very discouraging and stressful, but we were able to get one take from both angles and after seeing the dailies, it certainly worked. I cant wait to see the final scene put together. I only played a small role in that door, but I feel pretty proud of it.

Since this film, I did some day playing grip work for another feature, and I got an interesting shoot later this week. Posts about them may come later.

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