Last week I did sound for a spec commercial shoot for Boost Mobile called "Doubledate". Many of the people including the Director, I have never worked with before, but it was a good working environment.

The entire commercial was very simple as far as the shots went; everything happened in the same spot at a dinner table in a restaurant. No one entering or leaving the scene, nothing too difficult. Four actors, 2 with dialogue. Although, like any shoot, there are still difficulties and obstacles for sound. Of course, we had a few wide shots including an establishing shot, making me rely on my wireless lavs which I hate to do. I had a boom op booming the entire commercial but that first establishing shot we did, we really couldn't get the boom in there close at all, but I made sure we had enough options between the boom and the lavs for the editor to work with before we moved on.

Having a boom op was nice to have, allowing me to use the wireless lavs. I can boom, mix and record at the same time but when we have wireless lavs in the mix, no pun intended, not only can I not monitor it all at once, I literally cannot stand up to boom with my big receiver and recorder(s) along with my mixer. I like to have a boom on every shot no matter what since they are such nicer microphones than lavs and give us a more real sound, not to mention how much easier they are than wireless lavs.

Doing sound in a restaurant brought 1 issue for sound: freezer sound. We understandably were not allowed to turn off the freezers in the kitchen so since it was so close and so open to where we were shooting, we had to wrap sound blankets around it as much as we could without trapping air in the fan/freezer. That seemed to help more than I thought it would and its consistent sound should make it pretty easy to cut with.

Once the cuts are done I will see if I can post it in my portfolio for you. The rest of the week I worked on Pawn, wrapping out the production office and shipping CT to LA ... and Ukraine. I basically worked for FedEx those 3 days.

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