Slaughter House

The last week of September, I worked on another short film with the same production company as The Scout. I was a boom operator and PA for them as well and even though this film only took 5 or 6 shooting days I learned so much more on this film.

We had a new Sound Mixer who had about 30 more years of experience than the last including some household name reality shows under his belt. So he made a real effort to constantly teach and test me throughout production. It wasn't all easy but it's what I've been looking for ever since I got started in sound. I never really got to learn from someone else on set with more sound experience than I. I learned how to use a Comtek wireless system so the mixer and I can talk to each other remotely and the Director and I can hear the sound instead of just the mixer.

I also learned how to use the larger receiver that holds 6 receivers. I learned more of when to use a wireless lav and I learned the hierarchy of booming techniques and techniques for micing up actors along with minor accessories out there. I learned plenty of film jargon as well and I coulnd't have learned all this from a better person. I feel a lot more confident now and can't wait for the next project whether I'm booming or mixing.

The Slaughter House is a short horror thriller film almost entirely shot overnights. I got to use my new GloveLite on this production and it worked as much as I expected it to and no more but boy did I use it a lot. I boomed my first sex scene and boy was that difficult for a lot of us. After this film, I completed a full month of no off days. I had a day off in August, worked a few days, went into September, worked about 620 hours (140/week) then got a day off October 1.

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