rethinc Web Video

Last week I filmed a new video for a client, rethinc. It's a web video to play on the homepage of the website . Their new website that we (IMPACT) are designing is not yet launched but should be very soon, perhaps it is now by the time you're reading this.

We used some of our new toys on this shoot. The new blue screen, my new shotgun mic, FP shure 33 mixer, and Zoom H4N along with the other equipment we already had- camera, lights, etc. During production of this I set up the entire shoot and took full responsibility for sound recording during rolls. Maybe I will post a raw audio clip in my reels section when I get it back.

This was my first professional shoot using a blue/green screen and keying it in post was not terribly easy, although I certainly didn't expect it to. Shadows are a bigger issue than I thought they would be and frizzy hair or loose hair on women can also be a real issue; that was the toughest.

Anyhow, I finished editing it today and it's on the site, just waiting for it to go live. Check out the video below.

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