Third Dimension

After learning 3D animation in Cinema 4D for a month, I've learned a ton and created a handful of short portfolio pieces.

The first I made is a video intro for a series of promotional videos for The Villa Capri Wedding & Banquet Facility in Wallingford, CT. It is a 3D cake with 3D camera movements that I brought into After Effects to add a background and some added effects and color correction. Check it out below

I then tried making something realistic. Water is always a challenge to make. Here's a couple of angles of what I was able to create.

Water is real tough to make look passable. I figured a wet beer bottle would be an easier thing to make. Forging the shape of the bottle taught me a lot, along with texturing the glass and condensation. I then added the ice slush, background and text in After Effects. See below:

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