Lacie :15 practice spot

In my spare time for the past week I've been working on a :15 spot for the classic LaCie rugged portable hard drive purely for practice. LaCie is not my client, although if they would like to...

Anyways, I modeled and animated most of it in Cinema 4D, then brought it into After Effects to add the end tag, change some timing and add the casing color change, then I brought it into Final Cut Pro. Final Cut is where I did more timing changes, and final tweaks and added the sound which I did not put more than several minutes into; the sound is not what I was practicing, so if it gets taken out, I could care less.

This project started off as just an end tag, but then I decided after putting the time into modeling this, why don't I turn it into a commercial? So I started planning out a 30 second commercial, but then decided to keep it simple since many of us already know this product and brand, plus it's only being done in my own time for no client. So below is my watermarked :15 spot.

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