Hello, I Must Be Going

Yesterday, I worked on the commercial feature film, Hello, I Must Be Going as a Production Assistant. I don't know a whole lot about the film and even if I did it seems as though they would not want me to talk too much about it yet but what I will say is that I had a heck of a day of "firsts" on this film.

I was a transportation PA meaning I had to drive a 15 passenger van to make equipment runs in NY. This film is based in CT and NY with the shooting for the past 3 weeks taking place in Westport, CT. So I was not on set, rather I had to pick up their rented van from their hotel in the morning, drive to Manhatten and return equipment to several places. Lucky for me, they were all within about 15-20 minute walks, so that's what I did after driving and parking at the first place.

Now, keep in mind, this was my first time driving in NYC, only 3rd in the city, and also my first time driving a vehicle as large as a van. So, I was definitely nervous but fortunately it was a very nice van with great new features that I wish my car had. Although on top of that, the city of NY was also evacuating that day due to Hurricane Irene. So yes, traffic was very bad leaving the city even though I left around 2:30.

My final stop was in Brooklyn at an equipment rental house. I was returning most of my load there and picking up some bag-its for the night's shoot. To my surprise, I saw my friend from college and QFS, Justin Whitkin who apparently has been working there for almost 2 years. It was a very pleasant surprise to see him especially since I've only seen him once in the 2 years since he's been graduated

So I returned to the hotel in CT after nearly an 8 hour day of driving and walking in Manhatten. This was not my ideal day working on a film, but I figured it would be one of those experiences where I can really grow as a person from, learn from, and maybe earn some trust and respect. This type of stuff tends to pay dividends in the future, and if not, well, it was my first paid gig working on a film as well.

For more information on this film, there is an article on it here.

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