Wallingford Public Schools video

June Recap- Finished a few videos- Commercial for BuzBite.com and a promotional video for the Wallingford Public Schools.

The video for the school was almost completely animated in After Effects. Some photos mixed in with animated display screens and hands holding an ipad made up most of the 2 minute video. The two most difficult parts about creating this video were animating real hands holding an ipad hat isn't really there, and all the voice overs.

There were 4 scripted voice overs. All had to be unique. an old man, a teenager, an 8 year old girl and a 3 year old girl. Getting someone between 22-52 to do voiceovers is easy. No one in that age group would have worked for this. The 8 year old voice was very difficult to get and the 3 year old voice was almost impossible. I had hundreds of submissions. 1 was a real 3 year old. 2 were real 8 year olds. And few were old enough sounding for this video according to my client. Even the 15 year old was tough, I had to settle for a southern accented teen. Although at the least, I did not have to record them myself. However, filming the Hands holding the iPad was difficult to record.

My plan for the hands on iPad was this- since I don't have an Ipad, and motion tracking it would be time consuming, I took a green binder and held it in front of a green background. I was going to key out the green like a green screen and replace the binder with the iPad still. I recorded this in my dorm and it was tough getting that POV perspective. I was able to do it, but 1 large problem. In order to key out the green, it needs to be lit well and evenly. Quinnipiac felt like taking power away from me that night without notice. They had been doing it all week but told us they would on a given schedule. This was unscheduled. So I had to do it in the dark, and it didn't turn out well. I resorted to keying our a few frames one by 1 and doing stop motion out of what I had. The results are in the video.

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