First off, I'd like to mention I recently found out someone wrote a biography on me called "Brett Ainslie." It's being sold at stores such as Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.com. Although it's basically wikipedia copy pasted, 88 pages for $48, don't bother purchasing it, it's got to be a rip off. But I was freaked out when I found this book and read the product description and it is all true facts about me. You'd think if someone were to write and publish a biography on you, they'd let you know, maybe ask a question or 2. Here's a link

This month I have been learning 3D animation using the program, Cinema 4D. I am starting off with a 2 minute animated short story/promo video for a client to be named in a later post once it's complete. However, for practice and to see what I can do, I have created a few other quick animations. One of them is for the Blackberry Playbook. This is not an official video.

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