Jason and the Argonauts opening Titles

I recreated the opening titles for the film, Jason and the Argonauts (1963). The original opening titles were probably not bad for a 63 film, but looking at them today, they really could have been improved on since it was just a hieroglyphic wall with yellow text fading in and out with that classic Greek typeface. So I added depth and the feeling of action that this film portrays in my adaptation of Jason and the Argonauts opening titles.
I did this using Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. I learned about "type path" doing this project which can be a real useful tool rather than just working for hours just to keyframe some text moving along a path that still doesn't quite look like it's truly on it. I used this tool most effectively on the "Written by Jan Read" and "Beverley Cross" titles near the end of this video.

I had shot some footage for this which was not easy since this film takes place in ancient Greece, but I had gotten some close ups and abstract shots at the Plimoth Plantation, Mayflower II, and Plimoth Rock beach in Plymouth, MA. Unfortunately, I did not hold many of my shots steady for long enough for me to use and be proud of, so I went with my original idea of making it entirely motion graphic animation.

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