Stop Motion

I had to make a stop-motion video for my Cartooning class, so I decided to make a Humpty Dumpty story with a twist. Check it out:

As you may be able to tell, I storyboarded the project of course, drew all my elements and cut them out on appropriate paper and glued them onto the blue bg construction paper. I then mounted my entire scene on a wall and filmed it with a Panasonic HMC150, moving my elements and drawing wind in when needed. I then brought it into Final Cut Pro and edited out my hand. This was exported at 10fps, so basically each still frame I used was about 3 "normal" frames long or 1/10 of a second as opposed to 1/24-30th of a second. I had bigger plans for the end as I wanted it to be a commercial for a generic astro turf company called Gator Turf, but I never got my voiceover recorded.

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