Tiger Lilly Road

This month has been a crazy month. Until February I have done some film gigs but all were with a new crew. I had never worked with the same people more than once. Then one of the producers from my first film, The Water Cycle, needed a sound guy for a short murder mystery film being shot in Gloucester, MA. So I tagged along. Not only was this the first time I had gotten rehired by someone I had worked with but it was also my first paying gig in the film industry and the first time I would be supplying my own equipment, which I am familiar with. I was confident in my sound mixing abilities and ready to rock and roll. Then, the shoot was rescheduled, and the whole thing fell through for me. They did not give me much information on the film such as the title, but the Director was 2nd Unit Director on Terminator (1984).

This happened the same week someone I had worked with from Rising Star asked me and a few other grips if we were available to do lighting for the feature film, Tiger Lily Road. I signed on hoping to do at least 2 weekends but could only do 1 as of now. This past weekend I met the rest of the crew and worked about a total of 29 hours in 2 days on that film. A 4am wakeup/6:15am crew call Sunday and not getting home until 9:30pm and not being able to use the toilet at the location was a tough finale to the weekend, especially with the terrible roads of snow and slush before the plows came out and slipping on the ice myself. I learned a lot that weekend though. I learned the names of some lights and I learned how to put some of them together.

Since I was the only lighting person on set (other than the DP's direction) I got a lot of experience with the lights and everyone on set, crew and cast were extremely nice and great to work with in many ways. This was also my first film with a sound guy who's not me or a former QU/QFSer who've I've already learned from. This guy/kid was a real nice quiet Polish mixer who answered some of my sound/mic questions. So I learned a bit from him about sound, and a lot about lighting this weekend.

On Sunday, the Director asked me to go with him and one of the actresses to another location real quick with a camera and tripod to shoot something. This film was being shot on a Lumix DSLR. I have never heard of a Lumix, but for the shot that the Director asked me to shoot was shot with a Vixia HV40. I had been using the Vixia HV30 for my senior project so I was familiar with this camera for the most part, so I was hoping I would get to show off my fluency with the camera, but since we were in such a rush, the Director just set up the camera as I set up the sticks, showed me how to pan and hit record and I did 2 good takes of the Director/Actor and Actress. A "B" camera/2nd unit camera credit right there, not too hard. That will be my first camera credit in the film industry. So since the previous sound gig fell through and this was the first film I got gas reimbursement for, this could be considered my first paying gig if you want to stretch it. Once I find out a good amount about the film, likely later this month, I will post again, hopefully with pictures and maybe a link.

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