Sonic Commercial

I continued my internship with IMPACT Branding and Design LLC on Monday March 22nd. My boss got me a project to work on that is paid and he did not want to pay me and have my hours count towards my internship as well because he still wants me to come in once this project is complete.

This project is creating a 30 second commercial in After Effects for Sonic Drive-in Restaurant’s Sonic of CT. This is meant to be aired on Fox 61 CT once completed which should be within the next week. Usually, I am directly hired by someone to work for them and make a video for that person. However, in this case, there is a third party. Sonic hired IMPACT to be responsible for the creation of this video, and I was chosen by IMPACT to create it. So, I’m used to asking my boss directly for advice and critique but with this project, I show the owner of Sonic what I’ve done, looking for critique, then when he’s not there, I do the same with my boss at IMPACT, even though what he likes, may not be what the client likes. I’ve been learning some technical things doing this project such as how to make a realistic balloon easily, but what I’ve learned through this project is mostly working with a 3rd party client and working on a deadline. I am very good working on a deadline, but Sonic has a budget for this project and can’t afford to pay me for more than 20 hours. However, they told me 30 when I began and then told me 20 after I’ve gone over 20. Personally, I am not concerned about it, their budget is their budget and even though I’m being paid hourly, I am fine having that hourly rate limited to the budget. Once the commercial is completed, I will write a short post with the video included.

The other thing I was working on outside of this project is making videos playable on iPhones and iPads. It’s a really quick and easy thing to do but it took a while to learn how to do it. I found 3 ways, and of course the newest method I discovered, the quicker and easier it would be.

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