The High Life wrap

Last month/year we wrapped The High Life at the beginning of December, 2010. We shot in the studio which was nice, but a new experience for me. I've done audio in the studio an uncountable number of times, but never for a film that is being shot and recorded on our own cameras and equipment.

Not much of a change here, normally we'd go with lav mics (wired) in the studio environment and we did especially since there was no real movement in the car scene. There was a little bit of rustling in some shots, we tried finding another spot to put the lav (roof on inside maybe?) but we just moved it slightly to an area on the shirt/dress not moving so much, which worked.

More boom operators showed up than I expected on this stressful week before finals which was a bummer unfortunately since we were only using lavs instead of a shotgun mic and boom pole, there really wasn't much for them to do, especially after set up. So, I let one of them take over for sound mixing for the end of the day and it seemed to be fine while I was monitoring, so it's good to know we got some underclassmen who can already mix production sound. We're done shooting now and it's been in post-production for at least a month. Cant wait to see the finished product; it was a great crew.

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