Rising Star Days 6-17

We just wrapped Rising Star after 3 long but quick weeks. Starting with my second day on set, I was basically moved from Art Department to Lighting Department, lighting scenes with Key Grip Bob Pare, an array of recent QU grads including Phil Dunphy who was basically promoted during last week of production as Bob had to take a few personal days off. Four to five of us who are either still in school or just graduated several months ago lighting this film alongside DP Rachel Levine who shot The Other Guys with Mark Whalberg and Will Ferrel.

Lighting has never been my forte, so lighting these scenes was very fun, but stressful for me. I learned a lot about lighting equipment, and a little about lighting techniques. Even though I learned a lot about such an integral part of filmmaking, I still wish I could have had the chance to impress doing what I intend to do/have been practicing: audio and editing. Nonetheless, it was a great production, grew crew, and I see good things from this. Next up: Directing a Jill Nesi Music Video in November!

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