Rising Star Day 5

I went to the Film Industry Mixer in Hartford in August, met Director Marty Lang, AD Zach Palmetheus and Producer Matt Giovonucci who were promoting their upcoming film, Rising Star filming in Hartford this October. I asked them about PAing on this film after hearing some of my good buddies including Aaron Miller and Dave McRorie were working on the film. A few days ago, I got an email about working on the film in the Art Department, which includes set design, props and wardrobe; which is kind of funny since I am taking a costuming class this semester and the next night I finished up doing wardrobe for the play Trojan Women.

So this Friday was my first day on set. I met about half the crew, and the other half, I had met a long time ago. It was very nice working with a familiar crew. I did not do a lot today since the set was outdoors and did not need any dressing. However, I did help Aaron and Dave out with audio a bit, by running some cable (glamourous I know) and loading vans. Other than that it was a nice day, a fun time, not too hard and a great crew that I cannot wait to work with next week. Lets go Rising Star! Hopefully I will get some pics up on here eventually and have some better stories to tell.

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