This past weekend, we wrapped the film "Classifieds". Classifieds is a violent thriller short about a woman who goes on a killing rampage. Written by, Directed by and starring Cate Carson, Classifieds was a production by a new small Massachusetts production company called 3PastMidnight Films.

This short film took only two days to shoot. As the Sound Mixer, I had some options available to record audio; I would have liked to use my own equipment for the first time, but I really did not like my shotgun's output capabilities (mono, mini-feed). So, since they provided an audio recorder that happens to have a great condenser microphone on it, I just decided to make audio extremely simple by only using the Zoom H4n audio recorder to capture and record audio. I put that onto my boom pole which I used for the first time in a production and even though the zoom is not perfect and I could not read levels during the actual scenes, I think it came out well. We used a Canon 7D to film and from what I saw, the footage looked good.

Many people on this production had never met, some had known each other for over 20 years, so cast and crew relationships were very odd and working with people who are so close to you, sometimes you are not afraid to show your true self and burst out in anger (not good). With that said, having filmed for 13 hours on day 1, people got cranky and it didn't look professional. My boom pole worked out great; it was plenty long enough, it was very light and comfortable, just chipping paint and a bolt that needed tightening once. Other than that, I am extremely happy with my boom pole, and cannot think of a better boom pole I've used (other than ones that can hold a zeppelin).

There's not a whole lot more to say about this production; I honestly didn't learn much from it, but did hone my skills a bit and met some people, even worked with an actress whom I've worked with a few times over the past few years.

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