My Steadicam

I just built a steadicam the other day. On the QFS forum, we have a DIY section where Brianne and Taylor posted links to DIY steadicams. I used the instructions from the link Taylor posted, used a few different materials and built this steadicam. Professional steadicams usually cost around $600-$1500 but after buying some materials I ended up not needing, I built this one for only about $21. If I knew exactly what I was going to use and only bought that stuff, it only would have cost around $10-$14 and it all (including 3 trips to the hardware store) was done in 1 day, actual construction time under an hour. parts of it can be taken apart from the center for easy storage and the whole thing probably weighs about 3.5 lbs which isn't too much. The footage I posted is my first time using the steadicam, so maybe it could have been a bit better, but I was VERY pleased with the results, especially up stairs. This steadicam, compared to some professional ones may be better/smoother when turning quickly and sharply due to the handle, but I was very impressed by the up/down stability from the test as well. If you want to build one just like it and would like the exact modified instructions/materials from the link on the forum, let me know, I'll give you the details. The original instructions came from

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