DIY Boom Pole

It's been a DIY month of July for me as I just constructed my second piece of film equipment. This one, however was more of a modification rather than a construction. I built a boom pole for only $15. Well, part of the boom pole is a shock mount that I already had which may have cost around $30 or so itself, plus a bolt and nut, for under $1 total, so give or take a few.

Again, the most difficult part of this project was finding the right materials. I did not build the pole, I bought a telescopic cleaning pole from Home Depot. It has 3 sections and is made out of aluminum with plastic caps. I'm not going to post instructions on how to build it yourself because I couldn't have built it without some pieces I found around the house from other things. So I will just tell you about it, and if you'd like to know exactly how I did it, I can tell you. It is 4 feet long when compacted and can extend up to 9 feet, which is perfect, because 4 feet can fit in a car easily and even 8 feet is enough for any interior. It weighs between 1.5-2 pounds, probably closer to 2 which is only a few ounces heavier than some of the best professional boom poles of its size. The original color of the pole was white with lime green caps. The white reflects the hot production lights into the camera creating lens flare, so I spray painted it black light most film equipment is. Construction/modification took about 3 minutes as spray painting took about 3 hours including drying time. Of course it took me 2 days to find a decent pole though.

Yay, I wrote a blog on a boom POLE without calling it a boom STICK, Aaron Miller would be proud!

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